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Changing Relationships One Breath At A Time


A passionate Horsewoman and Life Coach dedicated to helping you create an unbreakable relationship with your horse while creating shifts in your life.

 I'm Lisa!

Why Mindful Horsemanship?

Working from a space of emotional regulation, psychology, and biomechanics, we will help you and your horse shift their beliefs and seek connection. 

In order for your horse to develop physically and emotionally, you too must level up!

Using a unique blend of personal development and coaching techniques, you will break through your old ways and discover a new way of communicating. 

If your horse has brought you here, it's time to make some changes. Our horses expect more out of us than we do of ourselves. They call us to the plate daily to show up as our best self. If we are avoiding our internal landscape, they are sure to bring it to the surface. What we do with our emotions when they come up will determine wether our relationships thrive or dissipate.

Unbreakable Connection

Develop Refined  Horsemanship Skills

Change Your Life

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What Clients Are Saying


"Lisa always leaves me with more fire and passion about moving forward with with my horses, Thank you for coming into my life!"
Bobbi G.   California

“ My experience with Lisa has tuned my intuitive skills as a trainer. One of a kind, insight to the horses perspective of us, made crystal clear. A must have awareness to go Heart to Heart with your horse."

Dana De Pello

Lisa Calder of Mindful Horsemanship has changed our lives completely."​
" I feel like I could spend a lifetime learning from and working with Lisa. We are so inspired by her passionate approach to Mindful Horsemanship. 
Thank you Lisa!"

​William and Hillary S.   California


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French Corral, CA 95960 | 909-247-0127

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